How does it work?

Epilfree is made of a patented blend of 82% botanically derived ingredients that kill the hair at the root.  After waxing, a serum is applied to dilate the hair follicle.  Then a second serum is applied that penetrates to the bottom the open follicle, permanently killing the root cell that eventually regrows another hair.

How many treatments will I need?
Just like laser, 6-12 treatments are needed for the desired results. Typically you will want to come in about every 4 weeks for the quickest outcome. (However if you have fast-growing hormonal facial hair, you can come in sooner, I have been treating mine 1x per week!) On average a square inch of skin will have 1,500 hair follicles, this is why it takes repeat treatments to make sure every hair follicle has been permanently disabled.

How is Epilfree better than laser?
Laser only works when the laser can see a contrast between skin tone and hair color.  You must have light skin with dark hair to get a great result from laser.  With epilfree, skin and hair tone don't matter!  And it is safe to do during the summer, there is no increased risk of sunburn as there is with laser treatments. Also, you leave with a wax!  No shaving the area you are treating!


Waxing with Epilfree (1).png