Services by Katherine, RN

Complimentary aesthetic consultation

  • We will discuss your aesthetic concerns, talk about treatment options and make a personalized plan. You will have the opportunity to purchase PCA products, for use both before and after the planned treatments. These products have been proved to enhance the results of Xeomin (wrinkle reduction), Dermal Fillers (volume replacement), chemical peels and therapeutic masks.

Xeomin - $10/unit

  • Treatment of fine lines causes by muscle contractions. Excellent for TMJ pain, migraines, and excessive sweating.

Radiesse - $650/1.5cc syringe

  • Re-volumizes the cheeks, naso-labial folds and marionette lines.

Belotero - $500/1cc syringe

  • Injected into fine lines to give a smoother texture. Re-voluminizes the lips, treats vertical lip lines and smile lines

PCA Chemical Peels - $100

  • Sensi Peel for Sensitive Skin- Brightens and smooths. Promotes even tone and texture.

  • Ultra Peel 1 for Mature Skin- Improves fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces signs of aging.

  • PCA Peel Hydroquinone Free- Rejuvenates and improves the appearance of breakout prone skin and hyper pigmentation

PCA Therapuetic Masks - $85

  • Oat Milk Mask for Hydration- Soothing and hydrating for all skin types.

  • Papaya Mask for Revitalization- Exfoliates and brightens dull complexions.

  • Charcoal Mask for Detoxification- Beneficial for breakout prone skin.

  • Pumpkin Mask - re-texturizes rough skin, thick and resilient skin caused from acne, sun-damage, and hyper-keratolytic buildup.

Kybella - $600/vial

  • Injections that permanently dissolve the sub mental fat, reducing of the double chin. More than one treatment is generally required for desired results.

Novathreads/PDO Threads

  • Non-surgical face and neck lift, lip enhancement, collagen building

  • Furrow lines, brow lift, smile lines start at $100/area

  • Lip enhancement starts at $250

  • Neck tightening starts at $350

  • Mini lift for face starts at $1800

  • Most areas of the face and neck can be treated, as can some areas of the body

Spider Vein Removal - $375 first visit/ $200 follow up visits

  • Injection of medication into ‘spider veins’ in the legs. More than one treatment is usually required for maximum results.

Microneedling Treatment - $250

  • Hyaluronic Acid is applied to the skin and infused by a micro needling device. Perfect for retexturizing the face, neck and chest.

Derma-Planing - $90/$45 add on

  • Mechanical exfoliation of the top layer of skin, decreasing fine lines. Removes vellus hair, reduced appearance of acne scars. Can be combined with any peel or therapeutic mask. Allows for deeper penetration of peels, masks and facial products.